Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR)

Yamuna Body Rolling is a unique self-therapeutic fitness practice for healing, wellness and sustainability.  YBR uses different sized balls to lengthen and tone the muscles giving the practitioner increased muscle tone and flexibility.  The balls are specifically created in different sizes and densities so that they can work their magic in to all the different pathways within the body.  Intelligent sequences have been designed to systematically de-compress the whole body, educating each muscle from its origin to its insertion.  The ball becomes the hands of the therapist and your own weight creates the traction, release and movement on the ball.  You learn to roll out each part of the body with the appropriate ball wherever you have muscle connecting one place to another there is a path to follow, for example from the buttocks to the calf, from the tailbone to the skull, from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint and so on.

The use of mild traction allows muscles and fascia to elongate and unwind, helping to avoid breakdown and injury by allowing your body to be healthy and to move with freedom.  Space is created around the joints by lengthening the muscles, creating optimum space throughout the body to restore a full range of motion through all of the joints. 

Yoga and YBR are the perfect companions to free the body of restrictions, to eliminate stress and tension, detoxifying and restoring the natural ease of the body.  Calming and balancing as a whole by aligning the body back in to its natural order.

YBR is unique because of the work it does to directly stimulate the bone, taking out excessive impact the rolling always starts with the stimulation of the bone first, moving out in to the tendon to break up scar tissue and finally out in to the muscle.  By weight baring you are able to change the quality of the bones.  The quality of your bones and alignment determines the quality of muscle movement which is why before each line is rolled, the bone is stimulated first.  The benefits of YBR are endless, with improved alignment, greater freedom and range of motion the body can function optimally, circulation is improved, core strength is developed and improved, metabolism is increased and the nervous system is relaxed.  It is safe and beneficial for everybody, there is always a way for everyone to roll! Yamuna Body Rolling builds the body back to as good as it can be, rekindling the body and turning it back on to function optimally with a natural order and logic.