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Yamuna Body Rolling

  • The Discovery Centre Winchester SO23 8SB (map)

Saturday 12th May - Winchester Discovery Centre

Feet, Knees and Hips Focused Practice

Working from the feet up, aligning and connecting to the ankles and knees and relieving impact out of the lower leg. Moving up to the hips, the second foundation of building the body upright we can connect through the whole chain; Feet - Ankles - Knees - Hips. We will also work to increase range of motion in the hip sockets and ease congestion and tension that accumulates in the pelvis and lower abdomens as well as around the hips. 

Exploring the body with a ball.  But a ball is just a ball without the right education after all.  Connecting you to your inner healer and your ability to free yourself from tension and holding in the body with a Yamuna Body Rolling Practice.