I first became aware of Yamuna Body Rolling about 8 years ago but couldn’t find a teacher without going into London. 

After a shoulder injury last year, I felt sure YBR would help me recover and set about finding a teacher and came across Gemma.  How pleased I am!  YBR was the thing my body needed and Gemma gently guided me through various lines in my body releasing the tension my body had been holding for too long. 

I have been attending Gemma’s workshops ever since.  Her teaching manner is lovely.  Her instructions are clear but always delivered in a calm and encouraging way. 

Inspired by Gemma I have recently completed my training to teach YBR - what better recommendation can I give!
— Gill

I wanted to let you know that at 1.46am Tuesday morning, I gave birth to our baby daughter 10 days overdue, Darcie Elizabeth Beech weighing 8ib4. We first went to the hospital for induction Saturday morning, which didn’t kick in until Sunday evening and finally off to the labour ward 14 hours before giving birth. A drawn out process but I honestly only look back on the experience positively.

The gold ribbon breathing was brilliant in early labour and was doing flirty cow in public on Sunday near the hospital! It felt amazing!

I ended up having an epidural to ensure I got through the tiredness okay but can honestly say the yoga techniques you taught me kept my frame of mind and approach positive throughout. Thank you so much. Finally, it has been wonderful to meet so many lovely ladies who I’m already in contact with waiting their babies arrival or waiting for me to be ready!
— Lots of love Jenny xx
I’ve been attending Blossom Yoga for nearly eight years; hathaflow, pregnancy yoga and baby yoga.

Gemma is an amazing teacher, who is very knowledgeable and passionate about yoga which shines through in all of her classes. She attends yoga regular training to ensure she keeps her practice ‘fresh’.

Gemma also has an incredible way of designing her classes, so that no two have ever been the same.

Blossom yoga classes have been fundamental in helping my body recover postnatally in a relaxed, fun environment.
— Michelle

I started Gemma’s yoga classes 4 years ago. A wealth of knowledge and a passion for yoga certainly shine through in her practice. I am drawn back every week without fail.
— Hannah

I am sat awake reflecting on the things that helped me in my five hour express labour and week leading up to getting increasingly uncomfortable and anxious.

The flirty cow and hip swaying has been invaluable and stretches - even the Individual toe bending practice a great distraction for insomnia!

Wow I was at home getting on to all fours in the hope of turning the baby from back to back and my waters broke closely followed by the start of contractions. There was no let up between each contraction and although I had a tens machine this was mostly a distraction.

I was so glad I had taught my husband the technique you shared of pressing on the back of my pelvis this really helped distract from the incredibly intense back pain and I could use the golden ribbon breathing/pressure hose and movement to get through the other Adominal pain!! Incredibly intense experience but I felt in control with these tools I had learnt at class!

Oscar Buddy arrived quickly on Friday 29th September made it to Winchester in the nick of time!

Thank you so much for teaching us so many different ways to relax and position our body it really helped me stay in control. Good luck to all the other mummy’s to be,
— Laura
How I look forward to my Retreat Days with Gemma and Hannah! 

Together they provide the perfect combination.  Hannah’s B&B provides a wonderful setting for a relaxing, nurturing and healthy day. 

I dream of Hannah’s food!  It never disappoints.  The yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling taught by Gemma works the whole body, gently but thoroughly.  You know you have worked but in a way that makes you feel so good.  And Gemma’s gentle voice positively  encourages relaxation like no one else I know (this from someone who can rarely switch off)! 

I am always sad to step back into the real world at the end of the day, but I know there will be another one before too long.  If you haven’t tried one of these days, make sure you do, your body and mind deserve it!
— Gill

Blossom yoga with Gemma is one of the highlights of my week, she is such a wonderfully creative yoga teacher. Gemma’s classes are a perfect harmony of intensity and relaxation and I feel totally restored back to a balanced body and mind after each session, ready to face the world again! Gemma’s Yamuna and yoga retreats are a real treat for busy lives.
— Lucy